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Piercing at Ripz

Looking for a piercing that suits your personality well? You’ve come to the right place. Let us guide you through what piercings actually are.


Piercing, as the term suggests, refers to creating an opening or to make a hole in one’s body parts and flaunt them with alluring jewelry. People who want to express their selves through something different and unique choose to get their body pierced. Getting a piercing in itself is a sign of fearlessness and boldness, which is a must-have for everyone.


Here, at Ripz, we use the safest, most reliable techniques and equipment for our clients. Hygiene being one of the most essential factors for piercings, are looked after with the utmost responsibility and diligence. 

Here are some cool piercing ideas to get your creative juices flowing!

Piercing Portfolio


"Today I had four piercings done in one sitting 😎.

Rook piercing & Helix piercing on both the ears. Well, honestly i was a bit nervous at first, but was eased by RIPZ, the piercer.
Loved the ambience, vibe, in this place.Will definitely be coming back for more 👍👍"

- Layalee Phukan, Google Review


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Ear piercings have been one of the most prominent piercings since generations. They never go out of style, as a matter of fact, any place pierced on the ear always enhances the looks of an individual. We provide every kind of ear piercing, including the Helix, Lobe, Rook, Snug, Daith, Industrial, etc. Ladies, come and get your ear piercings now!


Lobe Piercing:

Earlobes are by far the most common piercing in the world and are one of the oldest forms of body modification. Historically, pierced ears (at least in Western society) have been considered a feminine adornment—with the exception of the occasional sailor. More recently, pierced ears for men started to become fashionable with hippies and gay men in the 60s, punks and artists in the 70s, and musicians and actors in the the 80s. By the 90s and the new millennium they became commonplace in the culture (or counterculture) for both men and women.

Helix Ear Piercing: 

It is super trendy and may be worn with many distinct kinds of jewelry! You can wear hoops, studs, captive bead rings, so much more in this particular piercing.  It is possible to get a double or even triple helix. Cartilage piercings do often take more time to cure, so bear this in mind while you get yours! The helix is flexible, and will undoubtedly be one to watch in 2019! It is among the most well-known piercings which our piercers get requested to perform! And we could see.  


Tragus Piercing:

The tragus is a bulge type shape that is located on the outside of the ear canal. This piercing definitely adds on to one’s swagger and gives a funky but elegant look, a combination which is rare to be found. 

Jewelry like small hoops and metal or shiny jewel studs go best with this piercing.

Industrial Piercing:

This piercing is about connecting two different points on the ear with a single piece of jewelry. It gives an absolutely distinctive look as it is a very striking piercing style.

Typically, one barbell is utilized to link them, though a lot of different styles are being used nowadays. 


Snug Piercing:

The placement of this piercing depends from person to person, but the purpose of this piercing is to pierce the inner and the outer antihelix. It gained a lot of popularity in the past 3-4 years and looks super trendy for a new look.

It is a really shallow place, and that's the reason you're most likely to utilize micro jewelry when you receive a comfortable piercing.


Nose piercings remain customary for the Indian Hindu women, as they are related to a women’s reproductive organs and health. Nose piercings also add on to the elegance of a woman’s appearance and give an ethnic touch to one’s personality. 


It is a sort of facial piercing which is done right between the bridge area of the nose, almost between the eyes. This piercing gives a flashy look to one’s face. Straight barbells with studs at both the ends are the preferred jewelry for this piercing.



This piercing is located on the ala part of the nose. This piercing is the most common one on the nose and gives a really ethnic look to one’s attire. In the broadest assortment of jewelry, hoops, beads, L-shaped hooks, etc. can be worn.

                                                                                DOUBLE NOSTRIL PIERCING:

It is just another version of the usual nostril piercing, except this piercing is done on both the sides of the nose. This piercing gives a tropical look to one’s attire. Jewelry choice is the same as of the regular nostril piercing jewelry.



High nostril piercing is located right above the usual nostril piercing. To go for an exotic look, some people go for both nostril and higher nostril piercings. Jewelry for this piercing calls out for studs,I-shaped pins, and nostril screws.


This piercing is slightly not as prominent as ear piercings, but look absolutely gorgeous for one’s aesthetics. Medusa, Madonna, Monroe, Dahlia, Labret, and many more types for every personality! 


The piercing is about the left side in addition to
the top lip on the side. Ordinarily, a labret stud 
is worn out within this particular piercing.
A variant in this specific piercing is Angel 
snacks -- a second variant of the piercing with
 the Madonna and Monroe design Piercings 
worn on both sides of the top lip.



Madonna piercing is almost the same as Monroe, except the side of the face is different. The location of this piercing is on the right side of the upper lip. Gives a very cute and an elegant look to the ladies!


This piercing’s placement is at the center of 
the upper lip. A lambert stud is used as the 
perfect jewelry for this piercing which gives
the face a complete makeover-like touch.


                                                                                  LABRET PIERCING:

This type of lip piercing is much like the labret piercing. The vertical labret piercing is a piercing in which the decrease bead is the exact same location where a typical labret piercing could be, which is just under the lip. The distinction is that rather than passing through the inside of the mouth, it moves in the top direction coming out in the top or perhaps slightly forwards on the lower lip. Having this kind of piercing, you'll have the ability to observe either side of the piercing. Many men and women use a barbell as jewelry in these piercings.

Disclaimer - some of the photos on this page are taken from google images

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