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Best Tattoo Studio in Guwahati, India

Lead by one of the Top Tattoo Artists in India, Ripz Basak

Ripz Tattoo & Piercing boasts an extensive portfolio comprised of best tattoo ideas for men, women, and youth. Colour tattoos are Ripz's forte which clearly steals attention while his black and grey tattoos take no back seat. His customised tattoo designs make his style stand out among other tattoo artists in Assam.


If the thought of getting a tattoo ever crossed your mind, you are just where you need to be. We've got you covered with our unique ideas and tattooing skills which create an amalgam of beauty and abstract making every tattoo one of it's kind. Talk about realistic tattoos, new-school modern art, 


You are just a step away from getting that amazing tattoo. Talk To Us For More Ideas On Your Tattoo Concept. 

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